Gun Tracker

Designed to make your life as a Registered Firearms Dealer a whole lot easier, our Gun Registers link seamlessly with our well established Point of Sale and Sales Order Processing packages.

Developed to link seamlessly with our well established Point of Sale and Sales Order Processing packages our Gun Registers bring you all of the benefits of an integrated software suite developed by one supplier.

Comprehensive built in reporting on sales, guns, ammunition, stock, guns on sale or return, guns on order, storage and much more…
Full Audit Trail
All changes made to a gun’s record are logged in a central audit trail recording what was changed, when and by whom.
The built in security ensures you have full control over access to each and every part of the system with various security levels for different members of staff if required.

Key Features

  • Firearms Register – track all firearms IN & OUT
  • Ammunition Register – track your sales and purchases
  • Notifications – print and post or email your notifications
  • Gun Catalogue for Non-Stock Guns
  • Full Audit Trail – log all changes to a gun’s record
  • Labelling – print stock, address, register, barcode labels
  • License Tracking – record customer licenses held
  • Repairs – track guns taken in for repair
  • Storage – track storage guns and calculate fees
  • Used Goods Vat Calculations
  • Shared Contacts – between all modules
  • Integrates seamlessly with Point of Sale
  • Integrates with Magento Ecommerce Web Sites
  • AFD Postcode Lookup Integration
  • User Security Built In
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Powerful MySQL Database
  • Notifications

    Easily ‘print and post’ or Email all of your notifications to the correct police authority.

    Customise your notifications with your own wording. The system keeps a log of all email notifications sent.

    Ammunition Register
    Record and log all of your ammunition sales and purchases. Quickly add ammunition types, book ammunition in and out, and view your ammunition register at the click of a button. Sell in either packs or single rounds.
    Gun Catalogue
    Keep a catalogue of manufacturer’s guns from which you can quickly add multiple guns to your register with the same details, all you need to supply is the serial number for each gun. The catalogue also allows you to display guns on your website that you may not necessarily hold in stock but want to offer as ‘To Order’.
    Storage and Repairs
    Track storage and repairs automatically calculating storage fees due.


    We designed our Gun Register specifically to link seamlessly with our well established Point of Sale system and Ecommerce link to Magento.

    Shared Contacts – the Gun Registers, point of sale, sales order processing and back-office all share a common contacts database so you only need enter a contact’s details once. Easily and quickly view a customer’s gun purchases, sales, ammunition purchases, licenses held, guns on sale or return, guns on order, etc. all from the customer’s record.

    Lookup Guns – on your Point of Sale system and drop them into the basket, the software will make sure that the customer has the correct license for the gun and will also print or email the relevant notifications to the correct Police Authority !

    The transaction will be entered into your Gun Register automatically, no further work on your part required !

    Enter guns – into your Register from your Point of Sale system. Taking a gun in part exchange or simply buying a used gun in automatically checks the customer’s license details against your records, enters the gun into your register and prints the relevant Police Notifications and stock labels should you require these.

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